Gjegnen - a challenging full-day adventure

  From 0 to1670 masl, and back - in an coastal area with alpine terrain and high peaks.  he day starts early in a boat on the Nordfjord fjord and disembark on a remote and isolated farm. We hike uphill first through the forest, before it opens up, we get a good view, and suddenly we're high up in a wild and barren terrain with glaciers, rocks and crystal blue mountain lakes. We rope up, hike across the glacier, and continue to "the gallery" - a shelf on top of a 1200 meter tall rock face with an amazing view. From there we head straight for the top of Gjegnen, 1670 masl. The view is spectacular! From the ocean to the west, to sharp peaks in Sunnmøre and impressive mountain massifs in Nordfjord and Sogn. We make the hike a round-trip, so we go down a different way. We end up on another isolated farm where we're picked up by boat, and transported back to the starting point. As mentioned we scale 1670 vertical meters - so it's a serious hike in a challenging area. This require stamina and strenght and you need to be in very good shape to participate on this trip. We're outside for 12-14 hours in challenging terrain in changing weather and temperatures. Information: Participants: Min 3 - max 8 Price: 2500 NOK per pers. Dates: July 2nd, 9th, and 16th. (Tuesdays) (Can also be arranged other dates on request) Time of day: 8am to 8-10 pm (12-14 hours) Meeting point: The dock in Hestenesøyra, Gloppen. Included: Experienced guide Glacier equipment boat from Hestenesøyra to Mettenes, and from Skjerdalen to Hestenesøyra You fix: Day pack 30-40L Wind and water proof outer layer Warm insulating layer (fleece, wool, down, primaloft) Mittens, hat, scarf (even though it's summer and hot) Good and stabile hiking boots Sun glasses and sun screen Plenty of food and water

FromNOK 2'500
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Guided hiking

We can guide you where you want to go. Or we can suggest a trip that suits you and your group. The mountains in Nordfjord invite to both long and short trips in both gentle and steep terrain. Tell us what you want, and we'll customize for you. The fjord landscape makes a perfect framework for the hike no matter where we go. And our guides are skilled in safety and conveying good experiences for their guests. So book a hike to the perfect mountain, lake, hill or forest for you.