Guided hiking

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We can guide you where you would like to go. One of our best recommandations is the hike to Haugsvarden.  The trip to Haugsvarden it is a fairly easy trip with fantastic view all along. The track is in a very good condition, maintained by local heroes. We will hike past Tystadstøylen, an old mountain farm and from the top we will see both Gloppefjorden and Nordfjorden. This is a very nice hike that most people can join.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Level: Medium

Language: English, norwegian, dutch (NL)

Price: 500,-

Startingpoint: Intersport Sandane, Sørstrandsvegen 6

Transportation: We will drive together from Intersport

Equipment: good shoes, extra jacket, lunch and water

Number of participants: Minimum 4

Please let us know if you have any allergies, disabilities or if there is other special conditions that we should be aware of. Use the message box.


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We can also guide you to: 

  • Ryssdalshorn
  • Eggenipa
  • Botnafjellet i Kandalen
  • Gjegnen
  • Hyeneshesten
  • Vora
  • Skjorta
  • Traudalsnibba
  • Traudalen-Klype-Gjengdalsstøylen
  • Snønipa


  1. Sørstrandsvegen
  2. Parkering
  3. Tystadstøylen