Guided mountain bike tours

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Our guides show you the best spots, the secret trails, and the beautiful nature in Gloppen. But, don't tell anyone - it's still a secret.

Gloppen has recently gotten a rapidly growing comunity of mountain bikers, allowing us to get skilled and experienced guides. New trails are developed in record speed, and they are made sustainable so they can be used during most conditions. The amount of good trails give us the option to choose the perfect trail for every group in any weather conditions.


Startingpoint: Intersport Sandane

Transportation: We will arrange transport 

Clothing: Biking-shoes or jogging-shoes, training-clothes

Duration: 4 hours

Language: English and norwegian

Included: Full suspension mountain bike, helmet, and knee and elbow protection. If you bring your own bike, we recommend that you use your own safety equipment aswell.

Skills, weather and conditions are factors that the guide considers before chosing the route.

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We have plenty of potential trails for all skill levels. The guide will choose a good one based on conditions, weather and the group.


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