Historical tour in Gloppen

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Gloppen has many interesting historical sites to offer. For example; close the village of Rygg, you will find a cave that served as a hiding place for four Russians during World War II.

Do you want to hear the interesting history about two cross stones or the story behind the Columbus statue?

In several different places, you will find remnants of Viking and even older settlements. 


Time: 3 hours

Language: English, Dutch (NL) and Norwegian

Minimum: 4 persons

Price: 500 kroner per person

Including: guiding, car, local juice

Meetingpoint: Intersport Sandane 

Inquire Booking

We can guide you around the beautiful Gloppen-fjord and pick the highlights. If you have a special topic or interest, just tell us and we will make a tour for you. 


  • Russehola (cave where four russians were hidden during the second world war. ) 
  • Holvikjekta (old trading-boat, the only one in Norway) 
  • Karnilstunet (old farm with hugh historical grave) 
  • Old Gimmestad church
  • stone cross from the Viking period
  • Columbus statue in Hyen



  1. Sandane